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Exclusive wedding rings from Germany now!

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How to buy




For acquainting with the goods, choose the group you are interested in from the left menu and then subdivison. When you have chosen suitable subdivison, you will see the name, picture and code of the product. To see exact measurement and description, click on „Extra information“ link. To see bigger picture click repeatedly on the picture or on the magnifier icon.




When you  have chosen suitable product, then click on the link ADD TO THE BASKET. Ordered  amount default is 1. If you want to order many examples of chosen product. If you need more than 1piece of the same product, change number in the box „AMOUNT” and click on link ADD TO THE BASKET again. Thereafter click on the link BUYING BASKET and then click on link FORM AN ORDER, after fill out necessary fields. If you don`t have an e-mail adress, write xxx in a field. Definitely mark a way of transportation!!! If you choose ELS- plus courier service then you certainly need to mark your phone number.



Choose suitable bank link (if existent bank link is missing, then contact us and we try to find a quick solution to a problem) and click on it. After that, you will be directed to web bank`s homepage, where you can fullfill a payment. If a payment is succesful, you are directed automatically back to the seller.



Products are forwarded to AS Eesti Post post offices after the payment is transferred to the account showed in  your bill.






 All clients` and visitors` data become known to MATIKULD stays confidential and is not forwarded to the third parties. By clients` request all data will be deleted  from MATI KULD database.




The  ordered goods are forwarded to the Orderer by AS Eesti Post mediation according to Orderers`s chosen way, which is:

Maxiletter or standard parcel.

The Orderer gets a note stating that goods have arrived to a post office. Goods will be put out in residential AS Eesti Post post office on the ground of mentioned note and personal identification document. Ordered goods are held in AS Eesti Post post office for 15 days, during this time written notice about goods arrival is sent to the Orderer  twice.

If the Orderer don`t come for the goods during mentioned period, goods will be sent back to the Mati Kuld and Client has to pay 63 kroons for delivery of goods for the second time.

ELS Express Temporal parcel

Goods are delivered by AS Eesti Post courier to the adress given by the Orderer at desired time or not later than 10.00, 14.00 or 21.00. Recipient will be previously informed about courierpost delivery by phone. If it is not possible to hand over the goods to Orderer, they will be deposited in the Eesti Post post office according to the Orderer`s adress and notice of corresponding text will be sent.Goods will be held in AS Eesti Post post office for 7 days since following day after sending. In case Orderer has not come after goods during this period and goods are returned to MATI KULD, MATI KULD has right to deduct expenses related to returning the goods from Orderer`s advance payment. ELS Express Temporal parcel is used to deliver the goods only when, Orderer and Recipient is the same person.


Orderer´s right to retreat of order


Orderer has right to retreat of purchase contract concluded on the basis of order during 14 days since goods are handed over to Orderer. For retreating of contract the Orderer has to make a statement of corresponding text to MATI KULD and return ordered goods. Returned goods can not be used and has to be with all marks and in original packet. If returned item has worsen and worsening does not originate from proper using, the Orderer has to pay for decrease of item`s value. In case of orderer`s retreat of contract, MATI KULD returns price paid for the goods in first opportunity, but not later than 30 days  since retreat of contract, on bank account indicated by Orderer. Forwarding charges does not relate to returning.

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