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General conditions

  1. General Conditions

1.1.  Are valid between clients (further client) and owner OÜ PC & Program (further Matikuld) in legal relations arising from purchase of goods.

1.2.  Matikuld leaves right to change current conditions and prices for goods  unilateral to its aim.

1.3.  Matikuld and client trade on homepage according to conditions made in current document by forming an Order and by paying client confirms that he or she agrees on sale conditions.



  1. Prices of Matikuld.

2.1.  Prices on Matikuld homepage are in kroons and contain sales tax 20%.

2.2.   Delivery in Estonia is free.

2.3.  Matikuld leaves the right to correct prices. Orders which are made before price  changes came into effect, go with prices expressed on this moment.



  1. Forming an order

3.1. Shoppinglist is made when client clicks on the button “ADD TO THE BASKET”, which does not oblige client to buy.

3.2. Client can change amounts and if necessary remove items from buying basket.

3.3. Items in buying basket are available to other clients until confirmation.

3.4. To form an order client clicks “Form an order”.

3.5. After that client inserts data, where items will be send and chooses method of payment, then clicks “Order`s overview”, where it is possible to control inserted data and pay for the items clicking “Start payment/ Confirm an order”, which concludes the contract with Matikuld.

3.6. After fulfillment the payment through a bank link, please go “Back to seller”.


  1. Delivery of goods

4.1.  After 3.5. of the contract enters into force, Matikuld delivers goods during 2-7 days to Eesti Post, which delivers goods to clients. Usually we send goods to Eesti Post during 24 hours.

4.2.  Goods, which delivery time is longer, are marked with corresponding info.(Delivery time)



  1. Returning the goods and annulling an order

5.1.  After fulfillment of payment, but before posting the goods, client has a right to annul his order. Please inform immediately: in statement of corresponding text. Advance payment for the annulled order will be returned on clients bank account during 3 business days.


5.2.    If goods does not suit or match with expectations, client has right to return it during 14 days from delivery of goods. Returned goods has to be not used and in original package. Money for the returned goods will be transferred to the clients` bank account during 7 days after delivery of goods by Matikuld.


5.3.  Expenses for Eesti Post`s services are not returnable! Matikuld stands the delivery expenses, so returning expenses stands client! If you would like to exchange returnable goods for another item, send us an e-mail of corresponding text on . Please mark “recipient will pay” (OÜ PC & Program), returning expenses 65 kroons will be deducted from returned money !

(For example if you ordered goods for 1500 kroons and return it back, then 1435 kroons will be returned to you).

To avoid possible damages of goods, please send the goods in safe envelope (use a same envelope which goods where send in to you, if it is possible)

5.4.  If returnable goods are damaged due to client`s fault or disregard, Matikuld leaves himself a right to settle value decrease from returnable sum.

5.5.  Please send goods to the address: Mustamäe tee 12, Tallinn 10621 (recipient: OÜ PC & Program)

MATIGOLD (Mati Kullaäri) - MUSTAMÄE TEE 12, OLEME AVATUD E-R 10:00 - 19:00; L-P 11:00 - 17:00, 10621 TALLINN  Phone: +372 6566516  E-mail: BestIT