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Exclusive wedding rings from Germany now!

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Germanys number one jewellery and wedding rings company!

BREUNING wedding rings,

top quality is the first priority
Wedding rings by BREUNING - jewellery producer backed by 80 years tradition – are produced by careful development and precision work. "When creating BREUNING wedding rings, we ensure perfection down to the last detail", said Patric Gettmann, sales manager for wedding rings of BREUNING GmbH, Pforzheim. Whether in the design, the choice of the materials or the alloys right down to the processing. BREUNING guarantees top quality in all areas of craftsmanship and production workflows.

For more information please call to our shop phone no.: +372 5081136 
MATIGOLD (Mati Kullaäri) - MUSTAMÄE TEE 12, OLEME AVATUD E-R 10:00 - 19:00; L-P 11:00 - 17:00, 10621 TALLINN  Phone: +372 6566516  E-mail: BestIT